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Regeneration and Indwelling in the Old Testament   -Sam A. Smith  (8/04/2011)  [PDF]

Two Significant Problems With Harold W. Hoehner's Chronology of the Life of Christ   -Sam A. Smith   (6/17/2012)   [PDF]

What the Bible Says About Angels   -Sam A. Smith  (6/13/11)   [PDF]

The New Pretribulationism -Sam A. Smith   (6/13/11)   [PDF]

Why Matthew 24:36-25:30 Describes the Rapture Rather than the Second Coming   -Sam A. Smith   (6/13/11)  [PDF]

Making Sense of What's Happening in the Middle East -Sam A. Smith  (4/22/11)  [html only]

John Calvin and a Lesson From Sudoku   -Sam A. Smith    (7/18/09) [PDF]

Daniel 9:24-27: The Prophecy of Daniel's 70 Weeks -Sam A. Smith    (8/04/08) [PDF]

Four Part Series on the Problems of Pretribulationism
  Part 1:  Is the Doctrine of Imminency Capable of Proving Pretribulationism? -Sam A. Smith   (5/7/07) [PDF]
  Part 2:  Does Pretribulationism's Wrath Argument Prove Pretribulationism? -Sam A. Smith  (5/7/07)   [PDF]
Part 3:  How Pretribulationism Has Almost Destroyed the Doctrine of Imminency -Sam A. Smith   (5/7/07)   [PDF]
  Part 4:  Some Final Thoughts on Rapture Theories -Sam A. Smith   (5/7/07)   [PDF]

What the Bible ACTUALLY Says About the Future -Sam A. Smith   (9/15/06)   [PDF]

Were the "Lost Gospels" Really Lost? -Sam A. Smith   (5/19/06)   [PDF]

Three Myths About Eternal Rewards -Sam A. Smith   (3/30/06) [PDF]

The Non-Christian Anti-cosmic Roots of Amillennialism -Sam A. Smith  (5/17/06)   [PDF]

New Discoveries About Aging Might Have a Biblical Connection   -Sam A. Smith

Four Part Series on The Relationship of Faith and Law
  Part 1: The Purpose of the Law   -Sam A. Smith   [PDF]
  Part 2: The Superiority of Faith to Law as Seen in Hebrews 7-9   -Sam A. Smith   [PDF]
  Part 3: The Superiority of Faith to Law as Seen in Galatians 2:1-5:26 -Sam A. Smith [PDF]
  Part 4: The Superiority of Faith to Law as Seen in Romans 3:21-10:15   -Sam A. Smith   [PDF]

How the Amillennial Conception of the Kingdom is Developed -Sam A. Smith [PDF]

Understanding the Biblical Doctrine of Sanctification   -Sam A. Smith   [PDF]

Hosea: The Unfailing Redemptive Love of God -Sam A. Smith

How We Know the Bible is the Word of God   -Sam A. Smith

How and Where Did We Get Our Bible?   -Sam A. Smith

Who is "the Seed of Abraham
?" -Sam A. Smith [PDF]

The Biblical Doctrine of Personal Apostas
y   -Sam A. Smith [PDF]

Who Wrote the Psalms of David?
-Sam A. Smith [PDF]

What the Bible ACTUALLY Says About the Origin of the Universe
  -Sam A. Smith [PDF]

Chronological-Topical Index to Future Prophecy
  -Sam A. Smith

Regeneration and Indwelling In the Old Testament
  -Sam A. Smith [PDF]

The Biblical Basis of Premillennialism
-Sam A. Smith   [PDF]

The Problem With Covenant Theolog
y   -Sam A. Smith [PDF]

The Tribulation is a Future Event
-Sam A. Smith

What the Bible Says About the Millennial Kingdom
  -Sam A. Smith

Will the World Be Won to Christ Before He Returns?
-Sam A. Smith   [PDF]


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