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The Olivet Discourse:
A Reconstruction of the Text From Matthew, Mark, and Luke,
with Commentary   
-Sam A. Smith

268 pages, 2010 (10 x 8 large format). Available in Print and PDF

The only complete reconstruction of the Olivet Discourse (Jesus' comprehensive eschatological
discourse) available in print. This volume gives a structural analysis of the discourse and a
completely reconstructed text derived from all three gospels, along with a thorough commentary.
Learn what Jesus had to say about the coming tribulation, the rapture, and the second coming,
and why premillennialists disagree as to whether Matthew 24:36-25:30 describes the rapture or
the second coming.  This is a must have for pastors and Bible teachers. Includes the complete
Greek text of the discourse in parallel from all three gospels (UBS text).
What the Bible Says About the Future (Second Edition)
-Sam A. Smith

350 pages, 2011. Available in
Print and PDF
What the Bible Says About the Future is a comprehensive guide to the study of biblical future
prophecy, covering the full range of prophetic topics in the order in which they were revealed in
Scripture. This is the only book that contains a chronological-topical index to every future
prophecy in the Bible, and the only comprehensive work on future prophecy that contains a
complete discussion of all the current positions on the rapture of the Church, including the
imminent pre-wrath view!
Major Bible Doctrines
-Sam A. Smith

402 pages, 2010. Available in PRINT and PDF
A survey of the  major teachings of the Bible including: the existence and nature of God; the
nature and origin of the Bible; the person and work of Christ; the person and work of the Holy
Spirit; the origin and nature of man; the fall of man and salvation; the superiority of grace over
law; personal apostasy; eternal security; creation; the origin, nature, and work of angels; the
universal church and the local church; and, what the Bible says about the future. Also included
are discussions of special topics, such as: law and grace, Gnosticism and its impact on the early
church, and higher criticism of the Bible. Each chapter contains review questions making this an
excellent resource for Bible studies and  Sunday school classes, as well as for personal study.
Written from a dispensational perspective by an author committed to the full verbal inspiration of
scripture, the material in this book is derived from the author's forty plus years experience
teaching Bible and Bible doctrine.
LORD, I Need A Hug: Surviving the Trauma of Divorce
-Donna Christensen

Available only in
What's Wrong With Theonomic Postmillennialism
-Sam A. Smith

148 pages, 2004 Available in
Donna Christensen had been married for thirty years when her husband, the pastor of a growing church of
over two-thousand members, announced that he loved someone else. This is the true story of Donna's
struggle, and her journey toward a deeper dependence upon God.
This book challenges theonomy's claims and demonstrates that the Bible clearly
teaches a premillennial return of Christ to establish his kingdom. Also included is a
thorough discussion of the relationship between law and grace, and the unbiblical
assumptions of covenant theology that are used in support of both amillennialism
and postmillennialism.
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Major Bible Doctrines
-Sam A. Smith

402 pages, 2010. Available in PRINT and PDF
Toward a Biblically Sound View of the Rapture
-Sam A. Smith

90 pages, 2011. Available in PRINT, KINDLE, and abridged PDF

What does the Bible actually say about the rapture of the Church, and how does popular teaching
compare to that information? Sam Smith surveys all the major views on the relative timing of the
rapture, including: pretribulationism, posttribulationism (classic and imminent), partial rapturism,
midtribulationism, Rosenthal's pre-wrath rapturism, and imminent pre-wrath rapturism.
The Biblical Doctrine of Salvation: Why Man Needs to Be Saved, and How God
Accomplishes the Task -Sam A. Smith

140 Pages, 2011 Available in
PRINT, KINDLE, and abridged PDF

Sam Smith discusses man's most basic problem of sin and separation from God, and what God has
determined to do about it. How did we get into this predicament to start with? Why would a just God
hold us responsible for what our first parents did? Did God put a stumbling block in man's way in the
Garden? Why do men have a universal propensity to sin? What does it mean to be "saved"? What
about those who renounce their faith? If God really wanted to save men by grace, why did he give the
Law? What does God expect us to contribute to our salvation? Is it possible for a saved person to be
lost again? These are just a few of the powerful questions answered in this book.
Who Wrote "the Psalms of David"?
-Sam A. Smith

38 pages, 2012

Seventy-three of the Old Testament psalms bearing the title “of David” have been traditionally
understood to be of Davidic authorship. However, critical scholarship has challenged that
assumption. Are those challenges valid? What do the titles mean, and is there evidence that King
David actually wrote these psalms? The author summaries the scholarly opinion, then gives evidence
of why these titles are best understood as claims of Davidic authorship. Included is a brief selection
of annotated Davidic psalms. This is a great, condensed presentation of the topic for the reader who
wants to know more about the Davidic psalms and their origins, without having to spend untold hours
sifting through the critical literature.